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Meet Bertie Brosnan

Bertie Brosnan is a prolific Irish screenwriter, film producer, actor and screen director.

Bertie's films have been described as thought-provoking, profound and artistic. Influenced by Lynch, Kubrick, Nolan, Refn, Fincher & Gibson. His films have been distributed worldwide through broadcasters and online streaming platforms. And he has been personally awarded arts and filmmaking bursaries and nominations for his work in short filmmaking. 

Continuously developing more notable and significant projects for the future, Brosnan has also turned his attention to helping others achieve their realistic goals quickly in Indie Filmmaking. Find out more here at Filmmaker by Heart.

Bertie has found a niche on TikTok whereby he tells entertaining stories of Irish mythology, history, and some worldwide conspiracy theories. He amassed 20,000 + fans and over 2 Million views in three months and is growing quickly. You can follow him here: TikTok

A selection of Bertie Brosnan's Films

CON - Amazon Video Direct, Vimeo & YouTube

"Con is a view into a potential filmmaking disaster. Brosnan’s film shows the unmaking of a documentary, alongside the descending fortunes of its subject." - DUBLIN INQUIRER

"Compelling first feature by Tralee native Bertie Brosnan" - SHOW ME THE MOVIES

"Con” is introspective, protracted, well-acted, and wraps up well. It’s slow-paced, feeling long at only an hour and nine minutes; but if you have the patience for slow-crafted indies, you’ll likely find a film you can relate to." - THE MOVIE BUFF

*Previously on Amazon & Vimeo, currently available on YouTube

SINEATER - Shorts TV, SoFy TV, Vimeo & YouTube

Produced in Ireland, SINEATER is an award-winning short film by Bertie Brosnan that was previously distributed by ShortsTV through the Cannes Short Film Market.

The short film reached a dozen International Film Festivals. The Cinematography Award was awarded by Limerick Film Festival to Blaine Rennicks who has worked with Bertie several times. Brian O' Connor, owner of Brianoval Productions was influential in producing and editing this film.

*Previously on Shorts TV, SoFy TV, Vimeo & currently on YouTube


Jacob Wrestling With The Angel is a visionary tale of a painter who is obsessed with a dream and finishing his masterpiece. He wrestles with his tenuous grip on reality but finds solace in a young lady who haunts the inner workings of his mind.

*Previously on Shorts TV, Vimeo & currently on YouTube

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What others have said about Bertie & his work

Bertie Brosnan is passion personified. From the moment you meet him, his love for movies and the process of film making is instantly apparent.

Film Ireland

Irish Online Magazine

Brosnan has presented a series of films that do what independent films do best – they make us think, they make us feel, they make us question.

Mark Ziobro

Movie Critic, The Movie Buff

Bertie constantly aims to push the boundaries both creatively and technically, testing all involved in the most positive of ways. I'm always looking forward to the next collaboration.

Blaine Rennicks

Award-Winning Cinematographer

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